Monday, December 18, 2006

The Best Time

Oh Yeah,
Christmas week is finally here.Cant wait till friday, im going home the place where i belong.
It is wonderful to even think about it.This week i'm gonna stay with my friend got a lot of work to do.It's all about making IMAGINATION reality.
I think it's time to do some coding in grand style.Not for the sake 'i'm doing it because i have to ' but for 'i'm doing it because i wanna do it & i love doing it'.
Well well lets see if i can be cool headed like this by wednesday as well.Hi hi i love my ofice don't i???? Merry christmas Everybody.
Oh, Rock christmas will happen not on da 23 rd but it will alright.
i'll write about it some other time.


The Reader said...

Yeah buddy..! let's go kandy... ~Home sweet Home~ and you are invited on both 23rd & 24th... :) you know it. ha ha.. Enjoy. ( 25th & 26th &... )

Chamila said...

Thanks Macho,
Ur invited any day.come to our place as well.
Home sweet home it.Kandy is the place.
Rock on'

Nevi said...

hey dude!!

yeh u are going home at last!!

there is no such a place like home isn't it?

have a safe journey ma friend!!

have FUN !!!


Hiranya said...

No need to say enjoy the time at home to you, as you love being at home. ...:) So have a GREAT holiday...
Enjoy Life...