Thursday, December 14, 2006

Here Goes void (NOTHING)

Time to break the silence.
Real nice time to do so as well , i'm drowened to the neck & here i am posting on my blog.
I still don't know why i started a blog & why i'am posting this.Any way half of the things i do (ok make that 75%) don't have sense to me.(Ok make that 99%).
I don't care i started a blog.So i'm Ela.
I posted something ,so i'm ela again.
That Makes ELA ELA.
Rock On.


Nevi said...

hey diz is great ma friend!!!
yes! u are Ela!!

all da best dude!!

keep it up!!!

The Reader said...

Ela ela... Chami kolla ela.. :)

DoT [ . ] said...

yea u r an Ela Kolla!! the thing is that you are not rady to accept it
m late to come here actually c hw much distaced we have been?
u didnt even tell me about this
anyway best of luck champ
keep up ur good work
Ela Ela :))