Thursday, December 27, 2007

All good things must(not) come to an end

2007 is about to end.WOW What an year it was a great year for me. Dawning the year with a stupid coursework & after a f***ed up 2006 never expected this year to kick this much.Only one disappointment we couldn't do a studio recording, but nevertheless was able to perform live & that was AWESOME. It was like after two years that we went on stage again (dying to do it again soon). KRM had a lot of gigs this year that was really nice to see it our brother bands performing. KRM is growing HAIL KRM. Everything in office also was pretty cool less stress & lot of opportunities. So all in all I would say 2007 was a great year. Don’t have any plans or hopes for 2008 right now it would be a “go with the flow” year I think. One thing I realized in this year is not to change what is already perfect if u do it screws up.
Wish u all a very Happy New Year.
rock on'

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The last Man

HELL Yeah,He's finally here December.
Brilliant ! only one thing missing a coursework to take us to the dawn of the new year.
All good stuff is lined up ready to fire.
updates will continue

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

registerIT - a simple tool by me

Well guys,i have a little tool that might come in handy for people using products built from vb6.You know when ur using dll's within ur main exe u have 2 register the dll's.Normally what we do is type regsvr32 and drag drop the file and it's registered.This is cool if you have very little files but when there's lots of dll's it's $%#@# !.So my tool here will automate that process.You copy this file to the desired folder and run it.Give the extension of the files you want(ex - *.dll) to "Extension",give the command to "Prefix" (ex - regsvr32) and a switch if you need for "Postfix" (ex - /s)(switch for silent mode).That's all it'll generate a file "regit.bat" containing the commands as you gave it.Double click it and all files will be registerd.This can br used for many other commands as well for example if u give "regsvr32 -u" for Prefix you can use it to unregister.If you want to use it with multiple extensions change "Extension" and use it and it will add to the current regit.bat file.(so remember to delete regit.bat if you want a new instance).
Hope this will be use full all suggestions,comments insults anything & everythin is most wellcome.
btw this requires the 2.0 .net framework.
Try it your self Download exe.
You can also get the source code and do any changes & enhancements you like.Enjoy.
rock on'

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Halloween Fest

Nothing Else to say than JUST GET READY TO HEADBANG !
It's great we're having atleast one show every month in kandy now.
Rock on'
Read Up

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Resurrection II

AWSOME.That's the word.One of the best concerts i've ever been to.It really KICKED ASS.
Wow KRM is the best in country now.The variety we have @ KRM is not there in any other place.
This was long awaited.The Punk/Metal band which started the show,Genocide with their Nu Metal,SOD with the jazz/alternative touch really added variety to it.Forlorn Hope was Brilliant as always and ofcourse In Liu Of Fault is getting better by each show.Well i won't speak of whirlwind i personally don't like their music.KRM has no challenge what so ever now.March Of the GAYS would be the simplest example.Only one depression couldn't play @ this great gig,But our time will come.Hail Kandy, Hail KRM.

rock on'

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Purest of BLACK

I couldn't post something before the concert, so this is really the aftermath. After a concert everybody has some common complains ; the sounds were not good, not enough volume on the monitors, too much feed back from speakers & all that but for me all that was not there this time.The sounds were pretty good. We didn't play with our full line had to leave out our drummer & the lead guitarist. That was really hard. But thanks to Forlorn Hope & raju we somehow managed to pull off. With only 2 hour practice with drums still it's hard to believe.To describe the concert in one word it was "BLACK" yes indeed underground black.Thanks a lot for the guys who came & everyone who supported us specially rasitha, forlorn hope & forsaken(thanks brothers).For all the bands who performed Raven 06 , Extension, Forsaken , In lieu of fault, Old Castle's Massacre & Forlorn Hope well done guys you put on a great show. Kandy Rocks. This is proof to show that Kandy is the Kingdom of true rockers. Well done KRM. You can check the snap shot's @
(Pics courteously of sandy).

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

with swords of light and steed of night to hunt the traitors of humanity

It feels so good to do a post again after a very long time.
Exams are over & yes JUNE is here. (6)
If everything goes according to plan, by mid July the "Precious" will be created.
Well about the new two songs, it's so weird cuz we're not together when doing the composing .So it's very difficult to know whether the music brings out the content of the lyrics & whether it sounds good.
Even the riffs are quite different from the last materials it’s much blacker & darker.
Quite curious what the others would say about these new riffs.
I think the main reason for the change is I’ve been so much away from metal music for the last year or so & now it feels a bit distant. But all in all being with people who are not into rock or metal helped a lot to know what they dislike about rock & find the cure for it. J
To put it in short Heresy is very much live again & going for the Ace.
Rock on’

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thank You Lala & Hasith

Yesterday i had some urgent work in office & it was about 1.30 am when i got home. I was exhuasted & was fed up. But when i opened the door in my room everything changed, they have organized a surprise party. It was really amazing i just couldn't believe it. Thank you very much brothers you made my day wonderfull. MaXXXa.

Thank You to everyone else who wished as well.

rock on'

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Are You Ready For "Orcas"?

When .net framework 3.0 was introduced the first problem i got was there wasn't a IDE for framework 3.0.Since Visual Studio 2005 was designed for 2.o we couldn't use the full functionality of framework 3.0.(Such as the WPF application coding)

But i think "Orcas"(still only code named) will solve all that problems & it'll be more powerful than visual studio 2005 as well.(It's listed abilities sure promises that)

All hopes high for the release of it soon.

rock on'

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Idiots Should Keep Their Idiotic Ideas To Them Selves!

An idiot has posted the phrase below in an article
"Adolescents interpreted both regular heavy metal and Christian heavy metal music as about sex and violence. It appears that the sound of heavy metal has a general reputation for sex and violence"
(Dr Wickramatillake is the head of USAID/AED National HIV Prevention Program)
The fool has no idea what heavy metal or any from of metal music is.He has just bluffed with his own bullshit.
People fear,ignore & deny what they don't understand & they don't want others to understand as well.
Dr Wickramatillake is one of them.
May you be cursed till etrnity fades.
Hail The rockers !
rock on'
(ps-articles like this don't stop us from making music LOUDER)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Use the Visual Studio .NET IDE and Grasshopper to Deploy .NET Apps on Linux!

We all know and love the Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET® IDE, but did you know that you can use it to build server applications that run on Linux®? Discover how, with Visual MainWin® for J2EE™ from Mainsoft, Visual Studio users can run their applications natively on J2EE and Linux environments.
Mainsoft offers a an innovative way to build Java applications by developing code with Visual Studio code and dynamically translating Microsoft IL into Java bytecode. As you know, when you compile a Microsoft Visual Studio .NET application, it generates Microsoft Intermediate Language (MS IL), which executes on the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR). Grasshopper is a Visual Studio .NET plug-in, which takes this MS IL and converts it into Java bytecode, which executes on a Java Virtual Machine. Grasshopper also includes J2EE implementations of ASP.NET, ADO.NET and the most common .NET namespaces, so the required dependencies are available on your J2EE platform.
So all of can now start developing java in a 'REAL' IDE.
Rock on'

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Have we really changed????

Came Home, met couple of friends.

Once we were in the town it was just so real i mean nothing has changed.

Loud chats @ the bus stand,Plain tea from 'the muslim', ice cream from 'soya centre', a game of pool @ ' Q & Q' ,walking in the streets not knowing where we're going life has not changed a bit.The only problem is i can't stay in the place where i belong.But it's amazing even to stay a minute away from the 'fake' life in colombo.KANDY IS THE PLACE TO BE FOR EVER!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Windows Vista Launch Sri Lanka

Microsoft Windows Vista is sheduled to be launched officially on the 15 th of February. The tentative venue is B.M.I.C.H. This is still not confirmed but most likely it will happen as planned. And ofcourse it's free & all are welcome.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The New Mayhem Track

A brand new MAYHEM track, entitled "Anti", is available for download at - ordo ad chao - Anti.mp3.

The song comes off the Norwegian black metallers' new album, "Ordo Ab Chao", tentatively due in April via Season of Mist. The CD will come in very exclusive packaging.
source :

"Black candles dance to a violent overture"
Rock on'

Thursday, January 25, 2007

BUGZ Free !

"Bug free software = no software." - by ????????

Long live our QA Team.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Welcome 'Relapse'

The dawn of this year greeted by the cpp coursework, it really was a break of dawn to forget.

But no worries this year is going to be great!!. June will be the first milestone. Still all hopes high for plans for june. (Normally these plans never work out).

Although the new year dawned in a bad mood everything changed the next morning with the message from my best friend. Im still happy thinking about it.

i'll write it here as he sent it.

"Ado bokka happy new year to you too. i'll c u this june with the guitar in your hand & the mic at my hand. And if still they think rock doesn't exist let god be the witness amen"

??? am i also doing diary entries here????

HAPPY NEWYEAR || LAST YEAR %$^ what ever ????

Nearly two weeks has passed from the newyear & now only i'm posting something about the last year (or new year what ever).Last year is the worst year in my life as long back as i can remember.The only thing i want to keep from last year is the friends i met @ IIT.Everything else shall be forgotten.I changed so very much .... hate that. All that will change this year i'll be what i was.
End of the story. & they lived happily ever after.