Thursday, January 11, 2007

HAPPY NEWYEAR || LAST YEAR %$^ what ever ????

Nearly two weeks has passed from the newyear & now only i'm posting something about the last year (or new year what ever).Last year is the worst year in my life as long back as i can remember.The only thing i want to keep from last year is the friends i met @ IIT.Everything else shall be forgotten.I changed so very much .... hate that. All that will change this year i'll be what i was.
End of the story. & they lived happily ever after.


Hiranya said...


Last year was your worst year?

DoT [ . ] said...

y do u see it like that man??
common look at the good side of it. so u can make it a worth thing isn't it?c u met all the crazy nutz isn't it?
soo... u still c it as the worst year???
people must change and if itz for good y regret?common act wisely my pal never hate for what u cz u are simply u and there cant be anyone like u! so be happy !!!