Thursday, January 11, 2007

Welcome 'Relapse'

The dawn of this year greeted by the cpp coursework, it really was a break of dawn to forget.

But no worries this year is going to be great!!. June will be the first milestone. Still all hopes high for plans for june. (Normally these plans never work out).

Although the new year dawned in a bad mood everything changed the next morning with the message from my best friend. Im still happy thinking about it.

i'll write it here as he sent it.

"Ado bokka happy new year to you too. i'll c u this june with the guitar in your hand & the mic at my hand. And if still they think rock doesn't exist let god be the witness amen"

??? am i also doing diary entries here????


Poo said...

Suggestion (for ur dizziness)

Depends on hw u write diaries ;)

Anyway hope ur "Normally these plans never work out" will not work either...

Nevi said...


sure this will gonna work !! trust me!!

mhhh... chami with the guitar!that will be great, man!

c'mon june!! come soon!


DoT [ . ] said...

good to c u writing happily after a long time... yea u deserve it my pal.. i know how much u missed fun, so y think negatively huh? keep ur head up don't give up.wish u will get this chance (hope this wont normal as u mentioned!! :))
and yea u have a long way ahead and m sure u will win and u have to :)
yea u well deserve this dear so go for it!!
hmm will we be also lucky to be there?will u give us a chance man??
ok ok lets c tc champ and again i will remind NEVER GIVE UP!!
u can and u will do it
all the best dear!!

The light Bearer said...

when the f*** did I mention a "god" in my text messeges???
are you out of your putrid mind wasthuwe????

The light Bearer said...

..and something about "rock"?????
no way dude!!thats not me!
you sodomiser!!you ran off with another man while I craved for you!!!mage hitha kaduna do!!!