Tuesday, June 05, 2007

with swords of light and steed of night to hunt the traitors of humanity

It feels so good to do a post again after a very long time.
Exams are over & yes JUNE is here. (6)
If everything goes according to plan, by mid July the "Precious" will be created.
Well about the new two songs, it's so weird cuz we're not together when doing the composing .So it's very difficult to know whether the music brings out the content of the lyrics & whether it sounds good.
Even the riffs are quite different from the last materials it’s much blacker & darker.
Quite curious what the others would say about these new riffs.
I think the main reason for the change is I’ve been so much away from metal music for the last year or so & now it feels a bit distant. But all in all being with people who are not into rock or metal helped a lot to know what they dislike about rock & find the cure for it. J
To put it in short Heresy is very much live again & going for the Ace.
Rock on’


The Reader said...

All the best buddy! Rock on!!!

The Reader said...

Hey!! Anything from "Dark Summer Fest"...?