Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Purest of BLACK

I couldn't post something before the concert, so this is really the aftermath. After a concert everybody has some common complains ; the sounds were not good, not enough volume on the monitors, too much feed back from speakers & all that but for me all that was not there this time.The sounds were pretty good. We didn't play with our full line had to leave out our drummer & the lead guitarist. That was really hard. But thanks to Forlorn Hope & raju we somehow managed to pull off. With only 2 hour practice with drums still it's hard to believe.To describe the concert in one word it was "BLACK" yes indeed underground black.Thanks a lot for the guys who came & everyone who supported us specially rasitha, forlorn hope & forsaken(thanks brothers).For all the bands who performed Raven 06 , Extension, Forsaken , In lieu of fault, Old Castle's Massacre & Forlorn Hope well done guys you put on a great show. Kandy Rocks. This is proof to show that Kandy is the Kingdom of true rockers. Well done KRM. You can check the snap shot's @
(Pics courteously of sandy).