Tuesday, October 23, 2007

registerIT - a simple tool by me

Well guys,i have a little tool that might come in handy for people using products built from vb6.You know when ur using dll's within ur main exe u have 2 register the dll's.Normally what we do is type regsvr32 and drag drop the file and it's registered.This is cool if you have very little files but when there's lots of dll's it's $%#@# !.So my tool here will automate that process.You copy this file to the desired folder and run it.Give the extension of the files you want(ex - *.dll) to "Extension",give the command to "Prefix" (ex - regsvr32) and a switch if you need for "Postfix" (ex - /s)(switch for silent mode).That's all it'll generate a file "regit.bat" containing the commands as you gave it.Double click it and all files will be registerd.This can br used for many other commands as well for example if u give "regsvr32 -u" for Prefix you can use it to unregister.If you want to use it with multiple extensions change "Extension" and use it and it will add to the current regit.bat file.(so remember to delete regit.bat if you want a new instance).
Hope this will be use full all suggestions,comments insults anything & everythin is most wellcome.
btw this requires the 2.0 .net framework.
Try it your self Download exe.
You can also get the source code and do any changes & enhancements you like.Enjoy.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Halloween Fest

Nothing Else to say than JUST GET READY TO HEADBANG !
It's great we're having atleast one show every month in kandy now.
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