Thursday, December 27, 2007

All good things must(not) come to an end

2007 is about to end.WOW What an year it was a great year for me. Dawning the year with a stupid coursework & after a f***ed up 2006 never expected this year to kick this much.Only one disappointment we couldn't do a studio recording, but nevertheless was able to perform live & that was AWESOME. It was like after two years that we went on stage again (dying to do it again soon). KRM had a lot of gigs this year that was really nice to see it our brother bands performing. KRM is growing HAIL KRM. Everything in office also was pretty cool less stress & lot of opportunities. So all in all I would say 2007 was a great year. Don’t have any plans or hopes for 2008 right now it would be a “go with the flow” year I think. One thing I realized in this year is not to change what is already perfect if u do it screws up.
Wish u all a very Happy New Year.
rock on'


Poo said...

any new year resolutions...?

Chamila said...

1280 * 800 it is for this year ;) lol