Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Halfway through

June is here and that means the halfway mark of the year.The past months just passed without any significant events, as assumed it was a "go with the flow" routine.The exams just finished but still couldn't do the celebration event and the 'aftermath' ;). And about the exams well it was as usual guys who studied found it difficult the guys who didn't study also found it difficult.
But all in all if everything goes accordingly i would be a delighted fella by the end of this month.Been waiting for a long long time to do a recording of one of our tracks and well it just might be the time.But have lot of obstacles like to start off where to find "gods brother"(although they say malli i think it's deyyange ayya)(for tube lights i'm talking about money).
So all you generous people out there ahhh credit cards & cheques are also accepted but cash is recomended.Hope for the best.
Rock on ' \m/

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