Thursday, July 10, 2008


It's been nearly 2 weeks after the concert, wanted to write this post just after the concert but was bit off track. Although it's like 2 weeks the wind still brings the "howling grimness".
It was absolutely great, the wasn't much crowd turnover may be because the venue is not familiar but the people who turned out surely had time of their life.
Although the venue is normally a clubbing place it was well casted in to a mosh pit.
Splendid job done by sudesh and his team with sound, I would say this had the best sounds from all the gigs held @ kandy.(sound balancing for a metal gig is never easy).
About the bands, well it started off like a mettalika tribute concert the two new bands performed magnificently thet were pretty tight for a upcoming band and really talented. One of the covered dance of the water by Kalmah it was totally out of the world.
Forsaken was perfect as always and we expect nothing less than perfect from them,Delain and his "heyyyaaa" surely has a insignia for them.
Everybody was so excited to see what Spectra Red would sound like but I think most of them were disappointed since the sounds got a bit screwed when they performed. I was really disappointed I couldn't hear buweneka's solo's.
Everybody was in shock when they saw Forlorn Hope not finishing off the show. Their performance is unexplainable it's a must see, RAW as HEll They are the best fucking black metal band in this country no doubt about that. It was just amazing to see "devil is calling" sung with a goat's head in hand. They stole the night again and left the crowd with terrible neck aches.
In lieu of fault was scheduled to finish the show but they couldn't perform that night due to a small problem so we had to finish the gig. With only one day of practice that was a big ask but i think we pulled off pretty well thanks to Ashan and Nigel.ThanXXX brothers for the support. It was great to perform live again after a year (with my favorite vocalist Dizziy ;) ).Used face paint this time & hope 2 keep that as a part in the future performances.
Some of the guys from colombo had a problem whether it was a goat's head oooh yes it was real, and i personally don't think there is any thing wrong with it, and it's not the first time we did this.
All in all it was a great show and a kind of very welcome get-together as well.
No matter what ever it is KANDY IS ALWAYS THE BEST.
pic - Forlorn Hope