Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Intelisense For jQuery In Visual Studio 2008

jQuery is one of the coolest things i came across in the past months. It's a neat javascript library that enables you to develop rich,interactive & fast dynamic websites very easily.
Since I'm helping one of my friends with his project these days i thought of using jQuery for that project. When i was playing around with the library the first thing that came to my mind was how brilliant it would be if we had Intelisense for jQuery as well (of course i would want intelisense when writing a document as well since visual studio had made it that much essential to life ;) ). After searching the web i came across this great post that explains the way to do this simply & cleary.
It has only 3 simple steps.
1. Install VS2008 servicepack 1
2. Install the patch that enables support for -vsdoc.js files
3. Download jQuery and the documentaion js file for visual studio.

REMEMBER the vsdoc file should have be prefixed as the same name as the .js file.
(ex: jquery-1.3.1.js and jquery-1.3.1-vsdoc.js ).
That's all. Then all you have to do is add a script reference to the jQuery js file and start coding.
You'll notice that now you have a very helpful Inetelisense for jQuery.

Another thing this is not only for jQuery you can do this to any of your external javascript files by just adding a additional -vsdoc file. How wonderfull it is to have an editor like Visual Studio.
A very very big thank you to ScottGu's Blog for making the best editor even more better and keeping us aware.

rock on'

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