Wednesday, May 06, 2009

When the going gets Tough - you logon to Facebook

should you get utterly bored and have nothing and absolutely NOTHING else to do to write a blog post?? for me may be the answer is yes.i didn't write anything for like 3 months and here i am writing a blog post on the week i'm having my's 1:45 am now and it's Wednesday we're having the exam on Friday & i haven't even finished studying the first tutorial :D.
i checked mail in all my 3 email accounts every 5 minutes for like an hour (every time there were no new messages), then played mortal combat beating shinnok from quanchi,liu kang and raiden in the MasterII tower.after that wasted another 45 mins on facebook and finally i got bored with that as well so here i am writing cool is that ??
Oh if you're wondering why cant' go and sleep, well i slept for over 14 hours 2 day.
i just loooooooooooooove exams.
Rock on'

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