Monday, September 21, 2009

PhotoShrink - Easy way to compress your images

Writing something after a very very long time. Well it's not going to be any kind of a thought or a story rather to Share a tool i created with you guys. I created this first for my use but even before i finished coding i found someone who needed this ;) . So i thought you guys also would find it useful.
As the name suggests what the tool does is very simple it reduces the size of your images. This is done by decreasing the pixels in the image by a given percentage. For me it comes in very handy when i need to upload a lot of pictures to Facebook. It takes a very long time upload the pictures since most of the cameras that we use today have very high Picture quality & high resolutions.But when we upload we don't need that much quality, hence taking so much time to upload large files is a waste of time. The alternative is reducing the quality of your picture.Most of the photo editing software's provide this feature, but the problem is you'll have to open each photo reduce quality & then save. Imagine doing this to like 50 photos you have :O
This is the part where PhotoShrink comes in to rescue.
All you have to do is
1) Put all the images you need to reduce quality in to one folder
2) Set the Reducing Percentage from the slider
3) Shrink !
well that's it.

You can set the Reducing Percentage from the slider.
Ex : Original Size 1000 x 500 set percentage to 20% then reduced size is 200 x 100

You can choose the input images folder and the output folder from the file browser

Currently PhotoShrink supports 9 widely used image extensions and will support more in the future. This is a very early release and still it might have some problems here & there but it get's the job done with ease.

Please feel free to give your comments & suggestions for improvements.
You can download the tool from here
This requires .NET Framework 3.5 , Windows XP sp2 or above or Windows Vista

The source code will be available very soon (after adding the comments ;) )

Hope you'll find it useful.

Rock on'


Poo said...

great !!! will try it n c.. hav to get .NET Framework 3.5 first.

Poo said...

hey, it worked even before i installed .NET Framework 3.5! :O

Lahiru said...

Ado Sira sira! :) great work! ;)

Chamila Liyanage said...

@Poo well actually that's not suppose to happen lol, anyways hope to see more photos in FB
@lahiru mama sira thamai ban,umbata ochchara kal giyada oka therenna :P

Lahiru said...

umba neme yako sira. Software eka witharai sira. :P

රෙහාන් said...

thanx machan! I was searching this kinda software for a long time :)