Sunday, November 01, 2009

As Agony Unfolds

Hi guys, I've wanted to try out the Windows Live Writer for so long but it kept getting postponed day by day. Well finally here it is. I don’t know whether it would work but if you’re reading this well it works ;)

You can directly configure it to link with your blog and it even gets the colour scheme from your blog. You can do the usual stuff like adding images,posting links,adding video,spell check ,saving the draft etc etc. But what’s cool is you can set the labels for your posting as well. It’s really cool & i think you should try it if you haven’t used it.

Enough about Live Writer now lets get to the real deal.Three way Split between Plecto Alquem Capite (SL)/ Raaksha(SL)/ Pogrom(CA) Titled "As Agony Unfolds" was released today through Funeral Rain Records (Canada) and SLUM Records (Sri Lanka).It is totally awesome & sure will make you go (i wouldn’t know what to call it) “pissu hadenawa”. You can download the album from this link.

  1. Raaksha - Susaana Rujaawa
  2. Pogrom - Anvil
  3. Plecto Aliquem Capite – Seevali

Download it and give it a try,but heed my words this is not the crappy music you hear on radio.

Good job done my brothers expect more soon.


Plecto Aliquem Capite