Tuesday, June 08, 2010

PhotoShrink 2.0 Shrink & Upload on the Fly

Sometime back i created a tool to reduce the size of images called PhotoShrink.The main purpose of doing this was to cut down the size of images before emailing, uploading to Facebook,Picasa etc. You can read all about that in my previous post about PhotoShrink. Many of my friends found it very handy when uploading Photos to Facebook. ( thanks to the high MP cameras they make these days ;) ). Well it had close to 180 downloads in Source forge as well. The first improvement that came out for it was to add a progress bar to indicate the shrinking progress.(thanks poori for bringing it up). Since it’s the vacation time & all i thought of doing that improvement and adding some more color to PhotoShrink and creating the next version PhotoShrink 2.0

The main enhancement in this is now you can directly upload photos to Facebook and create an album as well.You can directly upload your shrunken images to Facebook with only one click and create an Album in Facebook. It’s not only for the images shrunken from PhotoShrink; you can use it as a photo uploader for facebook independently as well.
I know most of the people (including my self) hate the Facebook Java applet uploader which at the last moment of the uploading says “upload failed”. Hope you guys will find it useful as much as i did. Any suggestions , improvements error reports are all welcome.

As usual you will need to install the .NET Framework 3.5 in order to run this.

There is no installer just download the .zip folder extract and use it.You can download the binary from here.

You can get the source code from here.

I used the Facebook Developer Toolkit for from codeplex for the integration with Facebook. The toolkit is simply awesome and provides very easy to use wrappers for .NET from the Facebook API.

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